Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness. – Katherine Henson

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness. - Katherine Henson

If you have got a soft heart, it might happen that you have had to suffer a lot. However, do not regret it. You must not feel yourself to be weak just because you have a soft heart.

Know that having a soft heart in this cruel world is not a sign of weakness, but rather that portrays your courage. In this world filled with hypocrites, you would hardly find a good soul, and if you have it, make sure that you preserve it.

If you are having a good heart, that is not your fault and even if you have to face so many hardships just because of it, make sure that you give your best at each and every opportunity without any regrets.

Instead of blaming yourself for having such a treasure, you should rather thankful that at least you have it in this world of cruelty.

You need to understand that if you are failing again and again, not because that you are less qualified, but it is happening with you only because of the fact that the rest of the people around you do not deserve such greatness.

Yes, that’s true. People these days are so selfish and bound within their own periphery that they have forgotten how to encourage good souls. They would even not think betray snatching away others’ happiness.

Too often, we go on complaining about things, but we tend to forget that this world needs more good and happy souls, so much so that we should not have to bother about what to speak and to whom.

However, sins we tend to lag good people around us, it has undoubtedly become a misfortune for all the good hearts as they have to become the victims of the cruel predators.

Humanity in today’s world is lacking and that’s the only reason for which people have stopped believing other people around themselves.

You need to understand that you should try keeping that good heart within yourself for the world needs more of it!

A lot of people are just running after their own selfish needs, or riches forgetting the fact that all of us live in a society and we need to abide by certain duties too.

We should help others who are around us, and try to do things out of our own self bounded reasons. If all of us start thinking differently, the world is going to be a great place to live in!