I never LOSE, I either WIN or LEARN. – Nelson Mandela

I never LOSE, I either WIN or LEARN. - Nelson Mandela

When you encounter a situation in your life, know that you either win or learn, and you never lose. This is a quote from Nelson Mandela wherein he says that he never loses the battle, which is a clear resemblance of the sportsman spirit within him.

It is important to understand that you should always be open to learning and never underestimate yourself even if you have to meet with a loss.

You ought to understand the fact that life is all about meeting new challenges each and every single day and you should never take a loss as your downside. At the end of the day, it is all about your perspective that is going to matter.

You have the potential to understand that no one has won the battle at the very first attempt. All those people who are successful today have felt a million times before they all actually hold the trophy of success in their hands.

In the same way, it is good even if you are failing before you could make it turn into your favor, which also means that you are taking attempts or trying hard to make it work!

This is definitely a good point in itself and if you truly want to be successful, make sure that you embrace your defeats.

Know that there is learning in each and every failure, and that’s the greatest thing of all. You should always be ready to accept your situations and take your circumstances as they come.

Instead of running from situations, you should make up your mind to fight the battle till the end and keep your spirits high for you are never going to lose because you either learn or win.

When you fail, you become aware of all the reasons that didn’t work out so that you can discover the areas where you did go wrong.

You get to know your mistakes, and that is extremely important to make sure that you are not repeating them all over again the next time.

When you lose, you know all the codes that didn’t work out so that you can eliminate them and, thus, focus on working out with the other ones.

Therefore, the next time you do not win, make sure that you’re still holding a positive attitude in yourself, and that will eventually help you fetch the trophy sooner or later.

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