Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. – Albert Einstein

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding. - Albert Einstein

You cannot maintain peace by force. You can never go on compelling someone to maintain peace and order. Thus, the only way through which you can achieve peace and keep calm is by understanding.

You ought to have an understanding with the people around you. There would be several situations in life when harmony would be interrupted. Make sure that you keep yourself calm and stay open to talk to them.

Be faithful enough, and talk to the people for peace can only be achieved through understanding. When you see that the peace is disturbed, and the situation turns to be serious, make sure that you are not going to raise your voice.

Raising your voice can never be an ideal solution. You cannot expect anything positive when you are shouting aloud out of anger. The only way to keep calm is to stay polite and be humble.

No matter how the other person is shouting, you should always stay quiet and listen to all their notions.

Hear their point of view and listen to it even if you are not ready to agree with it. When you hear out for others, it becomes easy for you to fix that situation at ease.

When you try to understand something, the other person would also feel good. This assures to cool down the situation. It is important to understand that when you talk to them, you get to know their feelings. You cannot force anyone to listen to you.

Therefore, the best way to settle a situation is to hear out to them, and then try to handle it in your own way. If you have already heard of him or her, and you have a different perspective altogether, try to make that person hear you as well.

Put your notion upfront, and then try to settle it. You may require keeping patience at times, so just stay quiet and giving yourself enough time and things would automatically fall into their places.

Know that peace is essential, and you can maintain peace only through convincing the people around you. You may have to negotiate at times! Make sure that you don’t mind it anyway, and have a positive mindset to hear them out. Listen to it and you will surely get to place.

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