Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness. – Allen Ginsberg

Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness. - Allen Ginsberg

It is important to understand that you should always be following your inner moonlight instead of hiding your madness for the real beauty lies only when you are unique and mad.

It is good to go crazy and there is no harm in it. Too often, we get sick of trying to be normal. This adage is dedicated to all of them who think that you always need to be the perfect kind of person.

At times, you are good to go crazy for that is going to reveal the kind of persona you truly have. We have drawn a picture of “Mr Perfect” in our head, so much so, that we think in our ways and that’s when Allen says that we should be changing our mindset.

Even when you are not perfect, you can still be beautiful. Rather, it is only when you speak your heart out and maintain a transparency that determines the true beauty of an individual.

You need to stop being artificial for that can seem perfect, but it is not actually the perfect thing to be done.

Stop sugar-coating your words, be natural and spontaneous the way you are and in case someone calls you ‘mad’ for being who you are, make sure that you are not paying any attention to them.

Do not hide your madness and in case you meet several critics along your way, stop listening to them for the one who has got eyes will definitely be able to acknowledge the true beauty that you perceive.

So, continue being mad, and make sure that you follow it. It is often said that the moment you start following your passion instead of worrying about what others think about it, they start calling you ‘crazy’ and ‘mad.’

Therefore, keep one thing in mind that you are not here to please anyone. Be the real you and get going crazy and you will be able to decipher a lot more than others could never even think of!

Also, you need to understand one particular thing that you can never be able to achieve success if you are not mad about it.

Success comes to those who are super conscious about their goal, so much so, that they can even sacrifice their night’s sleep just to achieve it.

So, in order to be sure that you are able to do what you truly wanted, you ought to follow your madness. Be mad, be you, and go on chasing your goals no matter what others have to say about you.