What we think, we become. – Buddha

What we think, we become. - Buddha

As humans, we are generally very imaginative. From our very childhood, we start building dreams in whatever capacity we have. We take our own paths in reaching our goals. But what we should be particularly aware of is the kind of person we become in our respective journeys.

It is truly said by Lord Buddha that what we think of ourselves is what we eventually become. Even in trying times, we should not lose hope on ourselves.

Paint a picture of yourself as you proceed in life. It does not have to be an ideal picture but the best version of yourself you aspire to be. When you truly believe in this picture of yourself you subconsciously want to become like that.

If you can become the best version of yourself in life, then you really have lived a proper and respectable life. Be careful that you do not harness any negative thoughts. Even if they come to you; try your level best to get rid of them because even in this case it applies that we ultimately become what we think.

So, we are as positive or as negative as our own thoughts. To have positive and fulfilling thoughts we should immerse ourselves in similar activities. Learn something new. Inspire others to do better. Look deep within yourselves and find your own faults. Improve your own self and live an enriching life.

Harbor good intentions for everything you do so that you can give your best in whatever you do. If you strive to do your best in what you do you will ultimately become the person you always wanted to.

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