I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. – Carl Gustav Jung

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become. - Carl Gustav Jung

Our life is actually the report card of our choices and actions. If we take a closer look at life and analyze carefully, we can figure out that we are the architects of our own lives and naturally face the consequences of actions committed by us.

Therefore, we are not a victim of time but our own choices and actions. Our actions not only define us but also build us. Remember that the quality of our lives depends on what we think and how we act as per the given situation and time.

It is necessary to acknowledge the fact that time and tide waits for no one. Therefore, we should live life to the fullest during our short stay on this planet. We must appreciate beautiful things and stop complaining about stuff.

We must prioritize our choices and work accordingly. Life is all about priorities, and it is necessary to devote quality time to anything which we like and feel for. It is also necessary to work dedicatedly and honestly at every walk-in life to earn and build our own character.

Honesty and integrity will take us a long way in climbing the stairs of success and prosperity. It is also necessary to sacrifice our own happiness and little desire to achieve something big in life. Remember that everything in life has a price, and we must be ready to pay for it.

Our life is our choice, and it solely depends on our efforts. We should remember that we must make the right decisions in life at the right time to avoid later complications because life is not difficult, but is tricky.

In order to survive, we need to know the basic tactics and choose the quality of our lives. Remember that hardly people live their lives to the fullest; they just somehow survive and move with the waves of life. Life is a choice, and we must choose to live with dreams in our eyes and fire in our spirit and work hard.

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