Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted. – Christine Caine

Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but you've actually been planted. - Christine Caine

At times, we come across several situations such that everything around us seems to be in darkness and that’s when you need to realize that you are not buried but you are actually planted.

Too often, we see situations just as they are and we tend to decide things very quickly. 

Make sure that you are able to understand the inner meaning of each and every circumstance for it is only the situations that will make you apprehend that true essence of life.

Know that we have never learned everything from our mother’s womb, and it is none other than the situation that we come across in our lives that teaches us the hardest lessons.

When you witness darkness around you, do not turn into a negative person all of a sudden, instead, try to have an optimistic outlook at each and everything.

Know that this darkness might be meant to teach you something, and if you overcome it, a bright future could be waiting ahead before you.

When you are stuck into a circumstance, it is quite obvious that you will feel as if everything has finished around you.

Make sure not that quick in judging the situation but rather have a positive approach in your actions and hope in your heart.

Know that when you are put into a tough situation, it is only you who can make you realize that you are strong from within. Learn to face the situations as they come, and keep on working hard.

These hurdles have come along your way only because you are capable of overcoming them with all your might. All you need is to keep up your spirit, and if you truly try, you are bound to do it by all means.

Do not think you are buried, for nothing has finished, it is all just the beginning and you have got a really long way to go!

It is essential to understand that we fail only when we refuse to get up. Life is too long, and you will have plenty of ways to work out. It only depends upon you whether or not you actually want to chalk out the way!