God has wonderful plans for you – if you let Him lead and comfort. – Colin McCartney

God has wonderful plans for you - if you let Him lead and comfort. - Colin McCartney

God has got wonderful plans for you and all that you need is to have faith upon him and he will fix the rest of it.

Too often in life, we may not get all that we want but it doesn’t mean that we are good for nothing. It is important to believe in yourself and only then you can make others believe in you.

God has always got greater plans for us than we could ever think and when he puts us into a difficult situation, he does so only because he is aware of the fact that we can get rid of it.

It is essential for us to witness hurdles in order to rise up to be stronger all over again. He knows that we need to be tested.

So, the next time you have to face an obstacle ahead of you, make sure that you are not minding, just encounter it with all your guts and the rest of the things will fall in their respective places all by themselves.

You need to ensure that you are allowing God to lead you in the journey. At times, we lose our control of ourselves and are not able to keep our faith in the Almighty, this is the worst thing that we can possibly do.

Make sure that you are always having your trust in him, and that’s how you will be able to understand that his plans are way ahead of yours. He will never think bad about you and he is always going to be there for you, provided that you have faith upon him.

God’s ways are way greater, and he is going to lead you through all your bad times.

Things might not turn in your favor all the time, but that’s when you need to have all the belief in yourself and try to make your mind that good things are coming along their way.

Just allow God to lead you and he shall be able to land up in the best place. He is going to be the torchbearer for you, and guide you through all the hurdles that are ahead.

You might have to stumble upon things at times, but if you have the blessings of God by your side, he is going to help you out in all possible ways. All you need to do is to let the Almighty lead you and offer the comfort that he deserves.

Do not interrupt in his ways, and he shall guide you through! Also, you need to understand the fact that it is only when you trust upon him instead of doubting that you are actually going to receive his guidance.