You are you. Now, isn’t that pleasant? – Dr. Seuss

You are you. Now, isn't that pleasant? - Dr. Seuss

You are you and that’s what is more important than everything else in this whole world. It is important to understand that it is none other than you who is liable for everything that you have!

You are beautiful in your own unique way and you should be proud of it. A lot of times, we do not seem to be pleasant and that’s when we make the biggest mistake of our life.

You need to understand that you are amazing the way you are! It is crucial to realize that you are pleasant, and that’s more than enough.

At times, the biggest fault in us is that we fail to realize that we are pleasant, and thus, we start forming our opinions only by what others are saying. You ought to realize that you are good in your own beautiful way.

You are amazing just the way you are! You will have to understand that no one can judge you just like that and even if someone is criticizing you, just know that it is all that they are meant to do!

You are you and no one can take your identity from you. Thus, you should always be up to acknowledge your own self and start valuing your own self.

You are just awesome, and make sure that you are doing great in your own life. Take care of all the minute things that are somehow related to you, and once you are able to decode the small issues in you, start embracing yourself as hard as you can!

You must have the maturity to understand that it is only when you accept your own self that others are going to accept you as well.

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