Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you into trouble. – Frank Tyger

Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you into trouble. - Frank Tyger

There is a famous saying that God has sent us on this beautiful planet with two ears and one mouth, so we should follow that ratio. It is important to listen more and speak less.

Hearing will improve your mood and help you learn new things about life and give you the required time to think before you speak. Once you have spoken something to someone, you cannot edit it afterward.

Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary to think carefully before we speak something to someone. This will not only help us to grow and analyze things in a much better way but also help us to remember facts much better.

It is necessary to acknowledge the fact that when we speak something, we are actually repeating what we initially knew, but when we listen to others, we get the much-needed opportunity to learn something new and interesting from others.

Listening to others’ experiences and ideas will not only help us to evolve and grow but also have better clarity about life. When we will learn about new ideas from people, we can add our own elements to it and make it suitable and app for us. Listening to others also helps us to know things in a much more informative way.

For students, listening can be actually beneficial because when students listen to what they need to learn, they actually use a broader sense to analyze things quickly and therefore are able to retain information for a much longer period of time. This piece of advice will certainly percolate down to their good grades.

Remember that listening will also help you to avoid unnecessary talks and debates. In this manner, it will save your energy to do much more important works and also learn new things.

Remember that the energy we get every day is actually very limited and we need to formulate our plans accordingly by giving priority to the most important task. We should understand the necessity of prioritizing things and act accordingly. This will also save time and prevent our energy from draining.