Sometimes you have to go through the worst, to get to the best. Keep moving forward. Be patient. – Karen Salmansohn

Sometimes you have to go through the worst, to get to the best. Keep moving forward. Be patient. - Karen Salmansohn

Sometimes, you have to go through the worst as that will lead you to things better than the former. Remember that the path of life is not always the same.

In order to reach the destination, you might need to pass through a lot of routes, and each way will lead to another. However, all the paths aren’t similar, isn’t it? The same goes for life as well.

You have set a goal, but that doesn’t mean that reaching the destination will just require you to go through a single path. You will probably have to take a lot of turns and cross different ways in order to reach that goal.

Whatsoever, you cannot stop anywhere, since your stagnancy will put an impact on you as a whole.

Consequently, you must have the wisdom to understand that at times, you might need to go through the worst, but only when you succeed in crossing those paths that you reach the destination.

Hence, you should always keep moving forward. Make sure that nothing can stop you. It is quite obvious that the road isn’t going to be smooth, always! That’s the reason you should always stay alert and conscious to face any obstacle with a strong determination.

Know that if you are dedicated, nothing can ever stop you from reaching the target. All you need is preparation to beat all the obstacles and you can combat them at ease.

Although it is easier said than done, you ought to stay patient. It is essential to understand that there would be ups and downs in your life, but you need to deal with them wisely.

You must have the psychology to understand that life will show you different situations, but you will require to deal with them with all your wit. At times, things will appear to be all messed up, but you will have to bear with them anyway.

Also, you will be required to handle everything calmly and things would get back to track all by themselves.

You cannot decide things according to yourself, it is only us, who are going to bear with them…

And thus, patience stands to be a mandatory thing for you, and you will have to keep on going through the hurdle yet wait for the ideal situation to pop up so that you can give your best, and count it in your favor for future perusal.

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