If you run around with 9 losers pretty soon you’ll be the 10th loser. – Les Brown

If you run around with 9 losers pretty soon you'll be the 10th loser. - Les Brown

This is rightly said with the old adage which means that a man is known by the companion he keeps! If you are running around with 9 losers, you will soon become the 10th loser in the gang.

This means that you should make friends with good people, the ones who aspire to dream big and build a great empire in the days to come. It will eventually make you stronger and help you develop yourself as a whole.

On the other hand, when you hang around losers, you too, become pessimistic. Therefore, make sure that you never stay with people who do not have a clear vision about things that would be done.

Therefore, if you want to grow big in your life, make sure that you are doing great in your life. If you keep on running with losers, you will gradually be influenced by them.

If you want to be good, try to surround yourself with positive people, and you will surely do good in the days to come. That way, you will really do amazing and you will stay motivated which is yet one of the major reasons to make sure that you do well in your life.

If you do not want to regret in your life, do not give a chance to others so that they can push you towards doing even worse!

Try to stay around positive people, who have a goal set for themselves, so that you can work ahead to achieve your goals. It is essential to understand what’s good for you, and definitely the people you are with, play a vital role in this context.

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