Change the game, don’t let the game change you. – Macklemore

Change the game, don't let the game change you. - Macklemore

All of us set a goal we want to achieve in life. To attain that, we go through various processes and systems that help us shape ourselves. We have ups and downs that teach us life lessons. But as we glide along the journey, we need to stop and retrospect.

We should check if we are still the same at the core. Our principles should not change nor should our compassion for others. If we notice any positive change, then we must definitely welcome it.

On the other hand, if we see any negatives that have creeped in, then we should work on it to remove it completely. We should remember that we did not possess the negativity earlier so we can shun it away as well.

If you see that there are any challenges that come your way due to which you have to shift from your core beliefs, then always remember that there is another way to do it. Changing yourself to give in and accept things as they are even if they seem wrong is not the right thing to do.

If you think something is wrong, work to change it. If you are not currently in the capacity to make significant changes, then work yourself up the ladder and develop the potential.

Hard work and resilience always pays. If you then make an honest change to make things better, you will not only be recognized for it but also you will attain immense self-satisfaction for the same.

Therefore, know your worth and believe in your capabilities. Stay away from negativity and constantly develop yourself to make improvements.

When you know you are on the right path, you will not allow anything to change you for the worse rather you will find the strength to change norms and correct it for the best.