You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. – Margaret Thatcher

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. - Margaret Thatcher

All of us, in some way or the other, are fighting a lot of struggles in our life. Be it chasing our dreams, acknowledging our responsibilities, or doing everyday work; we are going through a battle. So, make a guarantee not to let yourself down.

We can understand that sometimes we lose all our hope due to some unwanted situations. But you have to realize that fighting the battle is a part of life. If there is no battle in your life, you can consider that your life is incomplete.

The day when you will stop fighting the actions, it will be your last day on earth. Therefore, you can understand that it is a never-ending thing. Also, there is a possibility that you have to fight the same battle more than once. But, again, we are saying that you shouldn’t escape the arena. Or else, you can never win.

To be precise, you have to try again and again to reach up to your desired destination. For instance, if you are working hard to achieve a specific goal, you have to do it several times. And each time, you are trying, you are fighting a battle.

Well, an action is not only confined within a war zone. There are several actions in your life, where you have to fight regularly. You have to understand that as long as you are giving efforts, you are not defeated. It is the sign that you are still in the ground, battling to win.

The same thing goes for someone who is battling a disease. Maybe, in the past, he or she fought the battle with the same illness, and again it relapsed. So, you can see that life is pretty uncertain. So, make sure that you are not stopping your efforts to win the battle of your life.