If you believe in yourself anything is possible. – Miley Cyrus

If you believe in yourself anything is possible. - Miley Cyrus

Our generation is always running in a rat-race. We look at it as a race where everyone is our competitor. It is like, we have this feeling injected in our veins. We think no-one will listen to us; no-one will help us a little more. Everyone is a competitor, and no-one will help us just because we are behind them.

However, little did we realize that there is only one competition for us, and that is the face in the mirror. The face in the mirror, when you stand in front of it, is your furious competitor, as well as the support you need to do better in life.

Believing in yourself is the most important thing you can do while trying to outstand the crowd. Hard times will surely come. They will make you worried; they will break you; they will test your worth. That is why hard times are essential.

You may think you are not worthy enough to achieve your dreams. You may think it is better to leave the race and become one of the crowd. Go mainstream, get a job, lead life like everyone else is doing. But the bigger your dreams are, the more significant sacrifices it demands, and the bigger prizes it will deliver.

So never lose faith in yourself. If there is anyone who can achieve your dreams, it is you. There are various stories of disabled people winning the highest peak in the world, becoming one of the world’s greatest scientists.

All the great people have made sacrifices, but they never lost faith in themselves, and they haven’t sacrificed their dreams for anything. So, stay strong, have faith in yourself, and keep pursuing your dreams. If you have faith in yourself, nothing is impossible.