If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. – Milton Berle

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. - Milton Berle

This adage simply means that opportunities may not always walk up to you. If not, It is YOU who should be making a door for those options to come up to you. A lot of us keep blaming our fate that we aren’t blessed with enough opportunities in our lives, to be able to succeed.

However, we often tend to forget that opportunities come only to those, who have the potential to grab them. You don’t see much opportunity only because you do not care to see them. There would be a plethora of options coming up to your life, but the wise ones will never take a chance to skip any of them.

You should be unwrapping all the boxes and have the guts to see what’s inside. Not everything will be up to your mark, but then you know that you haven’t missed a good one. In case you have not witnessed any opportunity to come along your way, it’s probably because you haven’t reached up to that potential wherein opportunities can strike you.

If you don’t see opportunities coming along your path, you should not set back in your job. Instead, you should allow yourself to build a door and let opportunities come and knock at your door.¬†Nothing comes for free. You ought to earn everything at your own guts.

Life won’t give you options until and unless you snatch them at your own potential. You need to focus on growing up in every aspects of your life, and keep your senses open so that you do not miss a single chance that comes up to you.

One who blames that life doesn’t give enough options is the one who lacks the ability to see them. Do not let tough times bend you, be the one who is able to withstand all the hard times yet stand back to overcome those hurdles.

If you aren’t finding opportunities coming along your way, have the guts to create it, which simply indicates your ability to make a path for those opportunities to come in your way.