All limitations are self-imposed. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

All limitations are self-imposed. - Oliver Wendell Holmes

As a child, our dreams don’t have any limits. They are free. They are innocent. They are wild. Children want to try out or dream of doing things without weighing a lot of consequences. It is because the mind is then free of any restrictions. It is an innocent heart weaving infinite possibilities.

But as we grow up, we start imposing restrictions on ourselves. Many of these restrictions are imposed by society. But we should not give up on our dreams whatever be it. People who do not give in to these restrictions are the ones whose inspiring stories we hear about later.

Why don’t we try to become like them instead of reading about others? If all of us can develop this zeal towards life, then our lives will be much more meaningful.

The sky is the limit. Do not be afraid of what is coming your way. Rather make up a resilient mind and promise yourself that you will not give up no matter what. Work hard and find another way to your goal if one closes.

There is no substitute for hard work and resilience. Do your best but do not expect anything in return. Just go on selflessly and in the end, you will see that you have achieved your goal. What you will truly cherish then is the beautiful journey you have had.

You would not want to trade it for anything. You will realize how things fell into place and the dots connected. The key to this is to realize that if there is any limitation, then you have the means to overcome it. Therefore, let nothing stop from achieving what you want.