Be realistic, expect a miracle. – Osho

Be realistic, expect a miracle. - Osho

During our lifetimes, we face different situations. Some are routine and expected while there are others that take us by surprise. No matter what the situation is, it is best handled when you deal with it in a realistic and pragmatic manner. For this, you need to understand the situation correctly and try to predict the consequences of your reactions to the situation.

Thinking in this manner will take some time, but once you adopt that as a way of life, thinking rationally and clearly in any situation will become second nature to you. You will be able to come up with quicker and optimal decisions in crucial times.

Certain situations are such that things are not under control or you are too emotionally invested to react to the situation rationally. It might seem to you that the situation is closing in on you and you have nothing to do. In such situations, be optimistic and have faith in the power that you believe in.

Always look forward in life and be optimistic and hopeful. A miracle could always happen, and you need to trust that. While it is crucial to be rational in daily life and not have unrealistic expectations, it is also vital that you believe that miracles do happen.

It infuses positive energy in you that helps you combat difficult times. Not everything in life happens in a predefined manner and you will find many such examples if you look around you. Therefore, believe in the divine power that is above all of us and look upward and onward in life.

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