There is no substitute for hard work. – Thomas Edison

There is no substitute for hard work. - Thomas Edison

As human beings, all of us need to perform and stay true to our duties. If at any point of time we decide to shrug it off, an imbalance is created that not only affects us but also impacts those around us.

So, we should always be responsible towards what we need to do and perform them to the best of our abilities.

As we proceed in life, we all develop some goals. Even if there is no concrete goal, we always see ourselves in a certain way in the future. But to achieve this, we need to plan properly and then get on with execution.

In all of this, we need determination and also the support of people around us. It is thus essential to carefully choose those whom you want to keep close to yourself.

The most important and undisputed factor to achieve your goal and take on the journey towards is hard work. There is absolutely no substitute for it. Only your honest work will help you face any difficulty that comes your way.

Hard work gives you confidence in yourself because you realize your own potential and believe in yourself. Hard work always pays off and you can verify it from anyone who has done so.

Never doubt yourself and your hard work. When you are working, do not expect returns. Just be true to yourself and perform to the best of your abilities and the rest will follow. Place trust in yourself and be true to your work. That is the underlying mantra to success in any field.

There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you are willing to work hard. So, never limit your dreams. Let your dreams fly but be resolute and ready to put in your 100% through the journey. You will be really happy and satisfied when you see your hard work bearing fruits.

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