If you don’t believe in yourself, Why is anyone else going to believe in you? – Tom Brady

If you don't believe in yourself, Why is anyone else going to believe in you? - Tom Brady

Self-belief is a crucial thing. Not all of us are intelligent enough, beautiful enough or skillful enough, but that doesn’t mean that we should keep blaming ourselves or the surrounding for that.

Not everyone is born rich but it’s only us who would decide whether to die poor or grow rich! This statement simply depicts that we should focus on the days we live and keep trying to make things better.

Inferior complex is a very negative vibe. It can ruin a person like nothing. Therefore, it is important that you keep these negative notions out of your mind and try to achieve your goal. You may not be the most beautiful or the most intelligent or the richest individual, but that shouldn’t stop you from being the best.

Accept the way you are! You may be tall, short, fat, thin, pretty or ugly, but none of them should stop you from reaching your goal.

Having an inferiority complex will stop you from having faith in yourself. As a result, you will lack the confidence on yourself. You should be determined on your goal and stay focused along the way in such a way that nothing can stop you from reaching where you actually want to belong to!

You should have faith in yourself, only then you can expect others to have faith on you. If you lack on your confidence, you cannot expect the other people around you to believe you by any chance.

Life will give you challenges yet you need to face them with all your guts. Once you stop believing in yourself, no one else around you will believe in you.

Everyone admires people who are confident and positive. The moment you feel yourself with negativity, you give others an opportunity to lose belief on you. People will never trust you when they see you aren’t trusting yourself.

You need to have faith in yourself, only then others will be believing you. They gain confidence on you only when they see you to be confident enough about yourself. So, start believing yourself and the rest will automatically fall into their respective places.