Every exit is an entry somewhere else. – Tom Stoppard

Every exit is an entry somewhere else. - Tom Stoppard

Every hindrance in your path is actually a hurdle to help you get a longer leap. It is actually like a booster to help you climb the stairs of extraordinary success. An average mind is potent enough to be successful. One should only be able to keep their mind and eyes open.

We should also learn from our elders that life is not difficult; life is just tricky. One should understand that life is actually like a puzzle, and we should try to assemble the right pieces beside one another quickly and skillfully.

Skill is an important factor in determining the height of success. We should keep in mind that if one door closes, it is still possible to search for another way of entry. One should always try to search for better options in life.

Actually, learning from mistakes that have occurred in our past can help us in improving our chances of success and finally meet it. It should also be kept in mind that struggles in our path help us in striking out the odds of failure.

All successful and famous personalities of the world have achieved greatness by means of an extraordinary struggle. One should never leave any stone unturned in achieving the heights of success honestly.

Success is like hunger, the more you crave for it, the more you push yourself for it, the more struggle you face, success becomes more sweet and worthy. We should also involve excitement in achieving success because that will rule out the odds of boredom and stress.

The stressful mind is actually not capable of achieving tremendous figures of success and eventually crashes down to failure. This is because a stressed mind will only highlight what one has failed to achieve in his or her lifetime.

It is actually necessary to gather and practice several ways to achieve success. He or she should never refrain from the struggle for pain because it says if you are not prepared for the pain, you should never deserve to taste success.