Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar. – Unknown

Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar. - Unknown

If you want the people around you to like you or admire you for some or the other reason, make sure that you are the kind of person who leaves a mark instead of leaving a scar.

By this statement, we simply mean that you should always focus on being someone who leaves a mark wherever you go.

Never hurt or harm anyone but ensure that every time you visit a place and meet new people, they do still remember you even after years for the way you behaved with them.

Always try to spread love anywhere you go and make sure that you are not hurting anyone by any chance.

At times, we may end up saying certain things to people, without even understanding the amount of harm that we may do to them. Always try to love others, and try helping them for that’s the best way to love everyone.

When we talk about a scar, we mean that you should never harm someone. At times, you may do it for fun without even realizing the amount of harm that you may do to others.

Always make sure that you are helping others and be polite and gentle to everyone. Always love others and be decent enough with all whom you meet in the path of life.

Just like scars never go and they are painful, ensure that you are having a pleasing personality wherever you go, so much so, that you are no way hurting others.

Always be the kind of person whom people love to be with!

The only difference between marks and scars is the fact that marks may go, and people love to have them, since they aren’t painful.

On the other hand, people usually do not prefer to have scars for they are either going to give away a lot of agony, or would remind about some bad memories.

Hence, make sure that you are always someone who is not harming anything or is destroying others, but ensure that you are always helpful and supportive in anything and everything that you do!

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