Givers have to learn to set limits because takers don’t have any. – Unknown

Givers have to learn to set limits because takers don't have any. - Unknown

Givers need to learn to set their limits. Yes, that’s true! In this selfish world, people only know to keep on taking and the worst thing in this context is that people are only after taking away as much as they can.

They have got absolutely no limit to take. You will never see a taker telling you to stop giving. It’s like feeding a mouth that never stops feeling hungry. The takers do not know their limits. They are only after getting more and more.

No matter how much you give, you will never find a taker feeling tired of taking. As a result, you, as a giver, should know your limits. You must know that this is where you should stop.

Do not ever give so much to someone that you have nothing in your own hand. This world is selfish, and you will never have anyone by your side in your own times of crisis.

Hence, you should know when to stop. Takers will not stop you, and thus, it is you who should stop yourself. Remember that takers will always be hungry about getting everything from you.

They will never ask you to stop, nor have they ever learned of giving anything back to others. All that they know is to take, and you can never feel yourself to be enough to satisfy their hunger.

Hence, know where to stop but at the same time, count yourself and your loved ones into the same. Do not end up giving everything to these takers that you get nothing more left with you in hand.

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