I’m old school. I still believe in respect and loyalty. – Unknown

I'm old school. I still believe in respect and loyalty. - Unknown

In today’s world, good human values and emotions seem to evaporate quickly among the young generation and that too, without a trace. This is not only harming their own lives but also taking a toll on the entire community as a whole.¬†Human values and bonds should be respected and sealed with affection.

You will realize that neither money nor the greatest riches of this world will help you to buy comfort or satisfaction. Human emotions and values not only guide us from within but also help us in combat situations with the presence of mind. It is necessary to remember that when we are in trouble, only emotional support helps us to overcome situations of anxiety and panic.

A terrible irony is that these days people prefer to engage and respect friendships or relationships made on social media or any online platform. Real-life situations for bonds hardly find any value or weight.

The main problem lies in the fact that today’s generation is more attracted by show and pomp rather than original values and good lessons. We no longer read story books or listen to our grandparents or parents, reciting our stories.

We prefer to engage ourselves and spend time on social media or any digital content. However, this habit has not only made us lazy but also dumb. Some people have been smart enough to understand what is good for them in the long run and have decided to act accordingly.

Respecting human values and traditions, along with loyalty, is an important aspect of life. There is an immediate need for understanding people and learning how to deal with them. This will not only save us from futile conversations but also from unfruitful bonds with anyone.

Being an old school not only makes you a good human being but also teaches you essential components about living life in peace and tranquility.

People who are old school never represent the backdated people of today; in fact, they represent much more sincere and responsible citizens of any nation or country. They are spontaneous and lively with rich human values and prefer honesty and integrity more than materialistic things of this world.

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