Judge me when you are perfect. – Unknown

Judge me when you are perfect. - Unknown

You should never give your ear upon words that are often spoken by people around you. People, these days, are often found to be too judgmental. They seem to be extremely quick in forming their opinions about others.

However, you should not allow them to cause an impact on you. I agree you cannot stop them from doing so, but all that you can ever do is to ignore them. Let them keep talking, don’t give an ear at all.

Well, the biggest irony of this world is that the perfect ones never judge. The people who have been doing good in their own genres have been working hard day and night to improve themselves. As a result, they hardly have any time to talk about you.

On the contrary, you will see people who have been talking about you all the while without focusing upon themselves. There’s no point in paying any attention to them whatsoever!

You should allow someone to judge you only when that person is perfect. Perfection means that he or she is next to God. It simply means that he or she excels in their own niche.

Hence, you should count someone’s judgment only when he or she is trying to rectify your faults, and not when that person is just trying to insult or demoralize you. 

There is a thin line difference between the two, and you ought to understand it in order to make sure that you are happy and cheerful in all that you have been doing in your life.

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