All that glitters is not gold. – William Shakespeare

All that glitters is not gold. - William Shakespeare

“All that glitters is not gold” – this has been an age-old adage. It is essential to understand that we should not be carried away by the lust of things around us.

We often get attracted by just the outer look of things, but it is essential to understand that not everything that shines and glitters is gold. We should not be too quick in deciding whether or not it is gold.

Therefore, it is vital to understand that we must not be so fast in judging anything. Not everything that shines is gold. In today’s world, people seem to get influenced by just checking out something externally without trying to know more about it in depth.

You must come across a lot of things, but to make sure if that is actually real or not, you ought to have a clear understanding as well as, you would need to hold your patience in deciding if that is original.

It is essential to make sure that all that shines is not gold. Everything may shine at the very first glance, but that does not mean that they are real. You should have the potential within you to identify all that are real and the ones that are not.

Remember that gold is rare, and thus, it won’t be possible for anyone to fetch everything real and precious so easily. You need to earn it, and you ought to make sure that gold is something very rare and precious.

It is expensive and thus, you should not misinterpret everything to be gold. You should have the ability to make out which one is actually precious and the one that is not!

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