The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. – Alice Walker

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any. - Alice Walker

The most common way through which people usually give up their power is the fact that they think that they don’t have any.

It is extremely important to understand that you are no less than anyone else in this world and you should never feel inferior about yourself.

At times, we have the concept of being “the perfect,” but let me tell you that no one in this world is perfect and it is extremely crucial to make out that you do not have any controversy held within you regarding any of the qualities that you inherit.

You need to understand that each and every one of us has got some or the other qualities within ourselves. It’s just that we are not able to decode it yet.

Therefore, the next time you make any mistake, make sure that you’re not afraid but you are rather the kind of person who is having the potential of accepting all the hardships and challenges coming along your way.

You must be happy with all that you have, and you should be ready to acknowledge things straight away. Never run away from your past but at the same time, try to take lessons from it.

Always have a mindset of trying out new things but then again, do not give up in the middle of the way just because the things did not work out. You need to have enough patience to endure the obstacles without running away from them.

Know that none of us have learned everything in a day. It takes a lot of time for all of us to learn, and we keep knowing things only as we go on gathering experiences from different situations in our lives.

You need to make sure that you are always holding a strong mind, and ensure that you are no way giving up.

No matter how tough the situation is, stick to the ambition that you own for yourself and go on owning it up. Always go on giving your best, and that’s all that you can do from your end.

However, even if you fail, you would have no reason to regret for you have put in your maximum effort into it. We know, it often becomes difficult for us to digest failure but you know the least effective thing that we can ever do is to give up.

Thus, make sure that you are always true to yourself, give your best shot at each and every attempt, and even if you have to fail, be sure to stand up straight all over again, this time, with a little more confidence and experience.

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