Faith is like WiFi. It’s invisible, but it has the power to connect you to what you need. – Anonymous

Faith is like WiFi. It's invisible, but it has the power to connect you to what you need. - Anonymous

Faith is like Wi-Fi, which means that although its strength is invisible, it still has got the power to connect you with everything that you need. In the same way, faith is invisible, all you need is to go on believing in it.

You cannot have faith if you do not have trust. It is essential to understand that faith is nothing materialistic. You cannot see or touch it anyway, but it exists only if you believe in it.

Faith is pretty similar to Wi-Fi. It is invisible, but it has got a lot of power to make things possible if you truly believe in its existence.

It has the power to connect you to all that you need. All you would have to do is to go around knowing that you believe in yourself. Once you believe that you can do it, nothing in this world can actually stop you from being able to do it.

We often lose hope and that’s when we start accepting failure, much before we have actually witnessed failure in our lives. It is important to understand that life comes with its own ways, and we ought to deal with them anyway.

Faith has the power to connect us to things that we think are much beyond our reach. You may need a lot of things, but if you do not have faith in yourself and your abilities, you will never be able to grab them.

Thus, you need to give your best at each and every shot, and only when you have self-belief, you shall be able to turn even the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible.”

Faith is nothing but a strength that gives you a positive vibe from within. You get to know that you have your angels to guide you along the path.

It is invisible, all that it does is connect you to the positive sources, and when you have the sensation within yourself, you get the zeal to work on even the toughest of the things and thus, turn them out in your favor.

You get the potential to connect yourself to things that you need, and thus, work with all your focus and dedication such that things start happening in your favor.

Even if things aren’t taking place according to you right now, they soon will! It gives you the courage to understand the situation and thus, act wisely according to it. Also, it offers you the self-belief that you need to make great things work out!

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