Don’t compare, just create. – Anonymous

Don't compare, just create. - Anonymous

All human beings are constitutionally the same but unique in talents. All of us are gifted with some talent. It is upon us to find that out. It generally happens by experimenting with different options until you find your calling.

All of us have a purpose in life and we must contribute in the best way possible so that we lead a fruitful and meaningful life. Some contributions might seem to be more highlighted than the other but remember that all contributions made with good intentions do make a difference.

As life happens, we come under societal pressure that leads us to keep up with peers. We want to become fashionable in society. We tend to compare our lives with others. This leads to greed. It also leads us to exploit our resources in not the right way.

It spews negativity, hatred, and jealousy on seeing someone more successful or happier than we are. Remember that this comparison is only relative. Someone might be jealous of what you have, and they do not. This is never-ending and drives us away from our purpose.

Therefore, make sure that you remain grounded and develop a quest to live a content and meaningful life. When you keep creating and making the best of your potential, then you automatically do yourself and the people around you good.

You feel happy that you have done something that has made you happy and also has been able to contribute to society at large. Your contribution may have a silent impact, but you will know that you have done what is good. This will keep you happy and foster positivity in you and others around you.

Thus, by leading meaningful lives, we can all contribute towards making our society a place of joy, happiness, and support.

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