God’s got a plan and it’s all good. – Anonymous

God's got a plan and it's all good. - Anonymous

God has got a plan for each and every one of us. At times, we keep on blaming the situation, and that’s when we fail to understand that God has got a better plan for each one of us.

It is important to understand that it is only the God who knows your past, aware of your present as well as, knows about your future.

Thus, you ought to have faith in his ways, and that shall eventually help you get through a better path. Do not doubt his intentions for all of us are children to him and he is not partial with any of us.

At times, things do not turn according to our wish, and that’s when we think as if the world has got right against us.

It is essential to realize that God is always there to watch all that’s ideal for you, and he shall never let you down. His plans are sure to work out!

Therefore, make sure that you have not lost your confidence and try giving your best so that you can have him guiding you all through your path.

Learn to realize that God is not partial with anyone, and if something didn’t work out for you, that does not mean that you are good for nothing. It simply means that it was not worth you, and God has set better plans for you instead!

Learn to believe in his ways and try to understand that he won’t ever do anything that is not suitable for you.

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