God’s plan is bigger than your mistakes. – Anonymous

God's plan is bigger than your mistakes. - Anonymous

The famous physicist and brilliant thinker Albert Einstein once said that a person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. This means that a person should never be afraid of failure and disappointment in life.

Life is actually a great teacher who teaches her pupils in the form of good and bad experiences. It is our responsibility to carefully examine our actions and their consequences. This will not only help us to introspect into ourselves but also prevent us from making further mistakes in life.

We should understand that failure is not fatal, and success is never final. Our mistakes do not define us, and neither do they decide who we are. Our mistakes are only a little part of our lives and therefore understand that mistakes never decide a person’s fate.

It is important to acknowledge our own mistakes at the right time to prevent further complications in the future. It is essential to give a fresh start to life and keep hopes alive.

Remember that God has actually planned beautiful things for our lives, and therefore, we should work hard without getting demotivated. It is essential to have faith in God and complete belief in our own selves to become successful in life.

Remember that life is actually a process and so it has some ups and downs. We need to accept our faults and skillfully correct them. The brilliant thinker and philosopher Dalai Lama once said that not getting what we want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

Maybe God has some other efficient plans for ourselves, and therefore he wants us to work a little harder to achieve something bigger in our life. It is also necessary to stay calm and composed in tough times and never get demotivated from failures and disappointment.

It is essential to trust our own actions and do them with a strong desire for success. God always tries to give us the very best and help us by teaching us through our own life lessons. In life, every lesson which we learn from our past experiences should be thoroughly scrutinized to avoid mistakes later on.

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