If you feel like giving up, just look back on how far you are already. – Anonymous

If you feel like giving up, just look back on how far you are already. - Anonymous

It is a common observation that the real failures in life are those which are given up by people without even realizing how close they were to success. We should remember that a river cuts through a rock not because of its power but because of its persistence.

Persistence is actually the key to success. We should never leave something which we started without completing it to the fullest. Everyone should always develop a serious level of work ethic and eventually try to develop himself or herself accordingly.

It is significant to note that in order to be successful in life or in order to stand out of the crowd, we must act accordingly and devote ourselves to our work. Working for long hours and constantly improving ourselves and learning from our past will shape us and also redefine us. This will not only reduce our chances of making mistakes but also so help us evolve.

Sometimes when we are hit hard by our failures, we become disappointed and tend to give up. In these situations, it is important to know that bad times will pass and eventually pave the way for a much beautiful tomorrow. In these situations, we should try to remember the reason and the beginning of our start.

We must take time to look back and remember that we have already invested much of ourselves in this area, and there is no other option but to fight and win. We must tend to realize the fact that life is never a bed of roses, and struggle is an essential element of success, struggle and failure give success; it’s a much-needed flavor.

Life is meant to be lived with passion and enthusiasm. We should not just leave ourselves to the hands of fate. Life is tricky, and if we have the courage and confidence to win, we can surely create history.

We should not complain about our situations because the same boiling water that softens the potato hardens the egg. This suggests that we are not a puppet of our fate, and with determination and will, anyone can win.

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