Once you feel you’re avoided by someone, never disturb them again. – Anonymous

Once you feel you're avoided by someone, never disturb them again. - Anonymous

Once you feel that you are avoided by anyone, make sure that you aren’t bothering them ever again for the rest of your life. It is important to value your own self-esteem and that is certainly very essential.

You should be the one who doesn’t disturb someone who isn’t bothered about you. In life, you will meet several kinds of people, and then again, you will be meeting some people who will be ignoring you like hell.

Make sure that you understand their behavior and attitude towards you, and get away from their life post that. It is important to do so, and make sure that you aren’t undervaluing your own self-respect.

At times, it is important to think about your own self. A lot of times, other people might take that as a part of your “ego” but that’s not so!

When you are ignored by someone, it is better if you can get it well just by their gesture and thus, get away from their lives. This is to make sure that the person is not able to insult you.

Not everyone will say it to your face, but there will be certain times when you will have to understand things all by yourself just by witnessing the hints and indications that are portrayed to you.

If you ever feel ignored in your life, you must not get back to that place or to that person ever again. This is to make sure that you are able to preserve your self-respect.

It is extremely essential to understand that nothing could be more important than your own self-esteem and you are the only one who should be taking care of it.

If you ever feel that the other person is not bothered about it, that’s definitely a kind of insult for you and you must not tolerate it anyway. If you ever feel that you are avoided by someone, you must never get back to that person all over again.

It is always a better choice to ignore him or her and get going! It is not selfish, but it is a necessity that you should be bearing for yourself.

You are the only one to judge yourself, and no one else can actually insult you. Insult does not necessarily mean foul words being spoken by the other person; ignorance is a part of insult as well.

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