Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray. – Anonymous

Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray. - Anonymous

Prayers are the beautiful messages which are directly delivered to God and give us hope and courage to accomplish tasks in return. A prayer from an honest heart is actually one of the most beautiful things or emotions present on this planet. 

People who prey from within and with complete trust always have their prayers answered. There is a beautiful saying that we should always work hard irrespective of its outcome or result. It is necessary to toil and not count the cost. It should be remembered that when the situations get tough, only the tough get going.

Successful are those people who always try to take other fellows along with them. It is very necessary to have hope in heart and courage in mind to turn dreams into reality. The exceptional thinker Plato once said that reality is created in mind, and we can change reality by changing the mind.

This means that everything we see and do we have built is actually a creation of the unconscious imaginative faculty of the brain. Humans have evolved so much and have transformed each and every field of life into reality.

Another interpretation of this is that we should always have faith in God and also so on ourselves so that we can put the best possible performance we are important at. It should be remembered that life is meant to be lived, and we should work hard in achieving our goals irrespective of the situation or problems we face at that point in time.

It is necessary to remember that only change is permanent in this world, and during a short stay on this planet, we should always try to do something remarkable and useful for the society as a whole.

Hope is one of the most beautiful and mysterious things to ever exist on this planet, yet there is no concrete explanation of it, but we can feel its presence and the magic it creates. Hope and truthful prayers relieve people from anxiety and depression and also support them during their tough times.

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