Never depend on others. – Anonymous

Never depend on others. - Anonymous

In life, we come alone and go alone. As life proceeds, we make many relationships. Many of them are very valuable to us and thus co-existence prevails. But there should be no point in life, that we are so dependent on someone that we cannot rely on ourselves. 

Know always, that we are our biggest support. No matter who leaves us, we will not feel helpless, if we make ourselves capable of facing anything that comes our way. To achieve this, we need to build mental strength.

We should be mentally capable of facing any and every problem that comes our way. We should also be physically fit to wade through these issues. Thus, we need to indulge in self-care. This does not equate to becoming selfish, but self-care is vital for the growth of a person.

When you are increasingly dependent on one person, you tend to think that that person is going to take care of your problems. But due to any reason, the other person, however close, might not be able to keep up to their promise. If we are not prepared for such a situation, then we will find it extremely difficult to even react, let alone acting on it.

Therefore, it is always advised that do not depend on others. If we feel that we do not have a particular skill that is keeping us from doing something, then instead of accepting the lack of skill as a defeat, we should work on developing that skill. This will help us to upgrade ourselves as a person and equip us to be more self-reliant.

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