You have to be at your strongest when you’re feeling at your weakest. – Anonymous

You have to be at your strongest when you're feeling at your weakest. - Anonymous

There is a famous saying that we sometimes have to learn how to run before we have actually learned how to walk. This means that life’s problems can be showered upon us when we expect the least and we are not all prepared.

We should understand the fact that sometimes we need to change as per the situations and not just our convenience. People should not only be strong from within but also have the ability to resist external stress and trauma.

It is necessary to know that advancing TDS is a survival game for the fittest full stop in order to survive you should be well acquainted with the ways of life and have the courage to deal with them. You should have the courage to formulate your own plans and execute them effectively.

Execution is very important, and we should try to be as composed as possible during misfortune. We should learn to accept life and embrace it as it comes to us. We should remember the fact that falling into water is not our fault but making no attempts to overcome it is our fault.

Life has different tales to teach to everyone because of all our problems necessarily different. It is during the times of difficulties and misfortune; we learn the right things. It is during this time we actually come to know how strong we are.

Life is always not a pool of sunshine, and we have to face storm and rain as we age. It should be remembered that life is tricky, and we should never give up hope because many of life’s failures are those who give up instead of realizing how close they were to success.

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