I am with you always. – Matthew 28:20

I am with you always. - Matthew 28:20

Life often shows us a lot of challenges and difficulties but that never means that we should lose hope on the Almighty. There will be hardships in life and everything may not turn according to our wishes.

That’s the time when God checks whether or not we are faithful enough to him. We pray to God for giving us all that we wanted.

However, we tend to lose faith upon him when things do not take place as we wish them to be! Thus, we stop praying and lose our belief in God. We start thinking as if He does not actually exist.

It is important to understand that everything will not happen according to our wish and if God has not let that happen as you wanted them to be, he might have better plans for us.

The almighty is not at all partial to anyone. He treats all of us as his own children and he isn’t biased for anyone. All of us are absolutely equal to his eyes.

There are times when things don’t turn out according to our plans and that’s the time when most of us lose hope on his plans. That’s something which is not supposed to happen! You should understand that our plans are absolutely menial in front of his plans and when he has denied for something, it is only because has got better plans for us.

Be it any field of work, relationship or even any kind of achievement, make sure that you will not lose your faith on him and he is always there to help you out in every odds.

Whenever you feel that you are low, that’s one of the most critical times when you should not stop believing in God. Most people consider that God doesn’t exist and thus, loses faith.

Remember that God puts you in such tests to make sure that your faith on him is still there. There are only a few people who continue believing in God and having faith on his ways. They are the ones who ultimately get the blessings of the almighty.

If you have faith on him and keep believing in all that he has preached of, you are sure to succeed in the long run. It may take time but all you need is to hold your patience and you shall reach the peak.

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