With God all things are possible. – Matthew 19:26

With God all things are possible. - Matthew 19:26

Life is never a bed of roses. There will be times when things will go just opposite to the way you have always wanted. There will be situations where you will feel worst, but you shouldn’t let things go! Take lessons from the odds instead of clinging onto your mistakes and nagging about them. 

God will make all things possible. Even when you reach the edge of the hill and feel as if you will fall down, he is the one who would be your savior.

You may think that something seems to be extremely difficult for you and you start feeling as if that’s impossible for you to achieve. However, with god’s will, you can make ends meet. All you need is to hold your faith on him and you are sure to succeed.

Do not let your hope go down. Even if you have lost multiple times, trust him. You haven’t failed for no reason. It is only because you have lacked somewhere. Therefore, you need to have faith on yourself and upon god to make sure that you keep improving each day.

It is our life’s ways of teaching us every single day. We may feel as if things are not going well at our workplace or the business is draining each day. That’s when we should trust him even more.

Have faith on him and he will make ways for you in an unexpected way. When he brings difficulties in your path, he believes that you are the one who will be able to tackle them. Make sure that you do not let him down and keep doing your work.

There will be times when you won’t succeed despite giving your best. That’s normal at times, but that should not stop you from working hard. You will be rewarded one day. Even if you aren’t rewarded today, you are sure to be rewarded someday down the line.

People who hold their patients get greater appraisals than the ones who want things right then. Life is a trodden path and nothing is impossible. All you need is to have a will for doing so!

Nothing happens overnight. You need to keep working in order to achieve something that you have longed for! You should remain positive and focused on your goal and you are sure to achieve!

The moment you feel that you can’t achieve your goal or feel that’s impossible, you inculcate a lot of negative vibes within yourself which will automatically restrict you from achieving what you have always craved for! So, always be positive and believe that with God all things are possible.

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