I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself. – Bobby Brown

I feel that the simplicity of life is just being yourself. - Bobby Brown

I feel that the simplicity of life is being just yourself and that’s the truth. It often takes us a lot of time to understand this simple thing, and too often, we become so late in realizing its value that the things seem to have gotten out of our control till then.

In life, we go on chasing things until we realize that they were not meant to happen. There’s no point trying to go after things and trying to fetch them when we already know that it is not going to make a point anyway.

You often think of copying others and trying to do something that probably your friend or colleague has done just because you think you shall be appreciated for it just as then, but in the process, you often end up forgetting that life is all about being unique.

You should never copy someone or try to fake someone.

It might not be preferred by everyone around you when you are yourself at the very first glance, but sooner or the later, everyone is going to appreciate all that you are, once they get to see your true worth.

However, the real happiness in life is to be happy and keep smiling. You should always believe in simplicity for that is the best thing that you can ever possess.

You should have the ability to understand that you are amazing just the way you are, and you must be proud of that!

Too often, we fail to realize that we are astounding just like the way we are, only because we fail to realize that simplicity is all about how we behave with others, and place ourselves in a crowd without any sort of exaggeration.

It is probably the greatest treasure that you can have, and if you are already owning it, you do not need to get the approval from anyone just to be who you are!

Always be unique and you can never do it by copying others.

Therefore, you must always be the way you are, and make sure that you are paying no attention to the critics. There will be a lot of people to say and comment upon the way you are, the way you talk and the way you behave.

Pay no attention to them, and be assured that you are just being one that you are supposed to be! When you believe in simplicity, be the way you are, someone who is devoid of all masks and everything, and that’s the best thing one can ever be!