Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. – Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

All of us leave an impression on others as we meet new people in our lives. All of us have a way of living life and that comes across in the little things that we do and say. It is responsible for a living when we are aware of our surroundings and acts accordingly.

People who are extravagant often become popular because they might have more resources than others. But people who really leave a mark in our lives are the ones who are simple yet impactful in their actions.

Being simple and sober helps us in connecting with a greater number of people. It helps one understand their concerns and be a part of their happiness as well.

Even in fashion, keeping it simple and sober, gives a very elegant look that makes you stand apart.

We should not think that people will remember us for our money, but we will be in people’s hearts for the deeds that we do. One who can epitomize simplicity is the one who is truly sophisticated.

When you are simple as a person you are more open to people and new ideas. It helps you in living a more enriched life which ultimately results in the development of sophistication.

Keeping it simple helps one to glide through any situation with grace and also influence others by being a symbol of elegance and dignity.

Instead of going ahead to match every trend that comes up, it is important that one maintains class and be truly timeless.

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