Stars can’t shine without darkness. – D.H. Sidebottom

Stars can't shine without darkness. - D.H. Sidebottom

Stars can’t shine without darkness. Yes, that’s true! We often think the darkness will take away all the things that we have ever owned in our lives. If you think so, it is high time that you understand that darkness is important to make sure that you understand the value of sunshine all over again.

Stars can’t shine if you do not have the potential to think about how the darkness looks like! This could be better related with the fact that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.

While the train passes through the tunnel, it may witness nothing other than darkness, but there’s sunshine at the end. In the same way, at the end of every dark night, there is a sunrise that welcomes the morning all over again.

Stars could never shine if there would have been no darkness. We often talk of things that we can’t get, but alongside one needs to know that darkness is important as that eventually shows us the essence of the light.

We could have never appreciated the value of light if there was no darkness. We need to understand that we should accept the darkness for that is a signature that something great is ahead.

This could be better related to our own lives. In our life, we often see darkness, and we feel as if nothing is going according to our will. It happens mostly when incidents do not happen in our favor and we start feeling as if everything is against us.

We must have the ability to understand that nothing is against us in reality; it is all about the turns of life. Thus, instead of regretting things that we could not achieve in the past, we can always work upon things that we can do to make our future better.

Even if we have had a dark past earlier, there is always a possibility to do great things in life. All we need is to have a perception, and we would surely be able to achieve great things in our life.

Stars don’t shine without darkness, and thus, we must be happy that darkness came into our lives for it has taught a lot of things to us which we would have never known without it.

Learn to accept life as it comes, and instead of nagging about the fact that it’s the end, always try to look beyond as the future is definitely going to get brighter with the passing time.