Even when you’re surrounded by darkness, remember that you are light. – Unknown

Even when you're surrounded by darkness, remember that you are light. - Unknown

Even when you are surrounded by darkness, it is important to remember that you yourself is the light. There is a spark within each one of us. All we need is to figure it out.

Too often, we stay surrounded by darkness and that’s when we start feeling as if we have nothing in hand. We start feeling depressed, and that’s something really harmful.

We need to realize that no matter how many obstacles come along our way, we would still need to figure out the things in our own unique ways.

Although we remain surrounded by darkness, we would still need to rise up the light within us. We must never allow the shine within us to lose.


It is only when you are surrounded by darkness that you get to know what obstacles appear like! We never understand it until and unless we know it.

We ought to realize that it is only when we are surrounded by a dark place that we get to discover the real hero within ourselves.

We must have the potential to understand that life doesn’t always go the same for any of us. We must have the ability to fight for ourselves, and thus, fetch our success by any means.

It is important to understand that nothing comes easily; it is only when we shed our sweat and blood that we get something.


However, the first and foremost thing that you need to have in this context is to have a zeal and a will power to abide by it.

You need to have the strong sense in yourself that no matter how tough the situation is, or how dark your surroundings appear to be, you will not be an escapist by any chance, and would rather fight for it till your last breath.

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