Be happy with what you have while working for what you want. – Helen Keller

Be happy with what you have while working for what you want. - Helen Keller

History has witnessed several examples of people who have built lavish monuments with the minimum resources available to them. Legends an influential people have always asked the common folk to turn sculptures from scrap to glory and wonder.

Humans themselves are a fine piece of art and marvel. Humans are the only self-sufficient creatures who can turn ordinary things into a symbol of magnificence. We should try to acknowledge the fact that we have much more in life than we actually need.

Generally, our basic requirements are always met by God. It says that we should try to stop complaining about what we haven’t achieved or what we didn’t get and actually be happy with what we have.

Once a famous personality said that we should try to value our teeth before they fall off. Our stay on this planet is only short-lived. In this minimum amount of time, we should aim bigger and chisel out a bigger picture of life.

Humans must try to be proud and happy with what they have and stay contented. Satisfaction is actually a feeling which money can’t buy. It is actually a blessing to be satisfied, no matter with what limited resources we have with us.

We should try to explore ourselves well and be happy to be able to listen and think, reason logic out from substances or situations. We should try to give up comfort to achieve big in life. Inside us, actually lives a vast ocean of exemplary beauty and intelligence.

We should remember the old adage that we should never get so much busy thinking about living that we forget to make a life. We should focus more on having a purpose in life.

We should make the best possible use of our time and involve us in productive things that can save our future better and give us a comfortable living and lifestyle. We should always be honest with ourselves for our own development and prosperity.

It is also important to develop social qualities and praise the things which still have and try to protect them. We should always remember our roots and aim realistically.

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