True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. – Helen Keller

Friendship is the most beautiful bond one creates in his or her lifetime. Imagine your school days without the presence of your closest friends. How would you endure it? How on earth would you create the happiest memories?

Be it school or in life – the need to have a friend by your side is crucial for your existence. But what happens when life, opportunities, and certain necessities pull the two of you apart? Well, that is the beauty of friendship.

No matter how many miles two friends are in between, they are never truly apart. It is your best friend whom you call in the middle of the night to cry over heartbreak, it is a friend that comforts you at an hour of need, a friend who will fight every obstacle to support you, and a friend who will help you differentiate right from wrong.

How can true friends ever be apart? How can distance break the beautiful bond the two of you share? It can never happen.


You might have heard a long-distance relationship doesn’t work but have you ever seen two friends breaking up because they live in different regions of the planet. You are never alone if you have a true friend.

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