Mistakes are proof that you’re trying. – Jennifer Lim

Mistakes are proof that you're trying. - Jennifer Lim

Mistakes are proof that you are trying. Yes, that’s absolutely true! It is important to understand that a person commits mistakes only when he or she tries to do something.

Someone who doesn’t commit a mistake simply means that the person has never even attempted to do it.

It is obvious that you will not be able to do anything and everything, and that too, successfully right at the very first attempt.

You can do things properly only when you have made mistakes, and you know the wrongs that you have done such that you could at least take some lessons from your prior actions.

Know that when you make mistakes, you should never be embarrassed about it, for it is the best evidence to represent that you have at least not given up, and the fact that you are still trying.

Know that no one in the earth is perfect and even if you see successful people today, they too, have had to bear with a lot of circumstances, and certainly they did so!

Mistakes represent that you were trying, and instead of nagging about it or feeling shy, you should rather feel good and keep your head held high that you have been trying all this way!

Instead of taking your failures on a negative note, learn to embrace your faults, and try taking lessons from them, and you shall be able to go a long way down the line.