Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary. – Karen A. Baquiran

Make yourself a priority once in a while. It's not selfish, it's necessary. - Karen A. Baquiran

It is our common experience that nowadays we are so busy with our hectic schedule and work that we hardly get time to offer it to ourselves. We hardly have the time to notice ourselves and give us some time to understand no one but ourselves.

We are always checking our profiles to make a definition for ourselves, but in the process, we hardly understand our own selves. We are much better than our profile, which we display on our social media accounts or any website.

We are so digitally connected, but inside we are all disconnected with ourselves. We do not understand ourselves and how we analyze and interpret data or information. We have become so mechanical that we hardly find time to introspect our actions or tasks.

Once in a while, it is also important to find time for ourselves and enjoy with no one else but us. It is actually not selfish; it is actually the need of the hour.

Today’s generation is always spending time in front of illuminated screens, which is also taking a toll on our health. We have made significant improvements in healthcare and treatment just to treat the vast bulk of patients who suffer from one ailment or the other.

We are so involved in this rat race that we hardly find time to spend time with our near and dear ones and understand them. This has also heavily downgraded the quality of relationships which we tie ourselves with.

Research shows that we are not able to use our complete potential and efficiency. Human beings just use a fraction of their brain’s true potential. We fail to connect with ourselves and therefore are not able to understand our own life. This also results in improper sleep patterns and health problems later in life.

Once in a while, it is also necessary to look at our wounds and injuries and the wear and tear which has been caused due to overwork and pressure internally. We should also try to meditate and do yoga to lead a better quality of life. Drinking water and spending less time in front of digital screens just before sleep can help improve our standard of living and health.