Life is short and unfair but I have told myself I’ll make the most of it. I promise. – Nicole Addison

Life is short and unfair but I have told myself I'll make the most of it. I promise. - Nicole Addison

Life is short and unfair. It is important to understand that we often end up spending the most of our lives uselessly, but that is something not to be done. One should start giving enough value to one’s life for that is not going to come back all over again.

You need to know that our life is short, and thus, we often have to take through hurdles and obstacles, but none of them can stop us from growing only if we have a strong intention to do so. 

You need to understand that life is short and unfair, but if you are determined and dedicated, you are sure to grow!

Life is short and it is not essential to count the number of years that we live. What is more important is to make sure that we are living in all those years.


We need to have a thorough understanding of the reality, and thus, we must know that we should be able to make the most of it.

You should have the realization that life is short, but if you are determined to grow, you surely will; despite all the hurdles that you might have to encounter.

It does not matter in the number of days and years that we live. All we need to bother about is to make sure that we are happy and have got our peace in mind through all that tenure.

One may live a hundred years, but you would still find that man complaining about life since he could never have a positive impact on it all throughout these years.


On the other hand, you might find several people who had lived only a couple of years but all of them had been successful through those particular years. At the end of the day, that is what is going to matter.

You need to make sure that even if you live for a short span of time, you must be happy and cheerful in all those years, and you are sure to feel blessed.

Also, remember that life will show you different obstacles and the journey would never be smooth. However, if you have an intention to grow, you are going to do good in even those few years.

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