Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment. – Lao Tzu

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment. - Lao Tzu

Knowing others is wisdom, and if you are actually able to do it, that’s really great. Not everyone is wise enough to be able to understand the other people around them and there are only a few in the line who are actually having this potential.

If you are good enough to know others and figure out what the person on the opposite side is intending to, you do have an upper hand.

Knowing others takes a lot of understanding and patience and only if you will be able to do so!

Definitely, experiences play a significant role in this aspect and it is only when you mix with so many people for years that you actually know the varieties of people around you and have a fair share of understanding about what they are up to!

There are so many people around us and each one of them is unique in their own ways, but so when you will feel that you know someone at some point of time and then you will be able to realize that you have been wrong all this time.

It often takes years for someone to be able to understand the other person. At times, people stay under the same roof and yet they are unable to say anything and everything about the other individual.

However, there are several people who have the sixth sense which is really rare and if you are lucky enough to have it, you probably will be able to understand others much more quickly and easily than the rest.

Well, when we talk about knowing others, do we ever bother to take a pause and try to figure out if you are actually able to recognize your own self?

Yes, this is definitely a part of wisdom, but at the same time, you should have the potential to understand your own self.

Try to find out your likes and dislikes, your passion and what makes you happy. Although this might sound a bit silly to some, a major cause of depression and frustration among people is only because they are not aware of what they actually want!

You need to learn yourself in order to make sure that you are content at the end of the day. A lot of people just move with the flow of life just because they have no other option but to move with it.

However, if you once get to know about yourself, life would probably become a lot more smooth and easy! It is certainly no less than enlightenment and if you are actually successful in figuring it out, you can find joy right within!

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