Turn your wounds into wisdom. – Oprah Winfrey

Turn your wounds into wisdom. - Oprah Winfrey

Failure in life is inevitable. We will have our share of ups and downs. We need to face both of them with courage and heart.

We should never make the mistake of thinking that nothing bad will happen to us. Rather we should equip ourselves with enough strength to combat any adversities that come along.

Some blows are harder than the others. We find it difficult to cope up with them. In such circumstances seek help from those you trust. Make a close circle of people you can fall back on anytime. But the most important person in this circle is you yourself.

Be confident that you are always enough for yourself in both happy and sad times. You should also be there for those who are facing troubles so that you can do your best for them.

When faced with problems, you should not only try to come out of it but should also derive lessons from the incident. If you do so, then you will know how to handle a situation better next time it happens to you or your dear ones.

If you can turn your wounds into wisdom, then you emerge fearless out of a situation. This gives you the strength and confidence to face any adversity that comes your way. It makes you stronger.

Know that when something really bad comes your way, the only thing that can happen then is that things can look better from then on.

Become fearless. Become strong. Inspire others and hold those tight and close who are really in need of support. You will be able to empathize and be there for them because you have been through the same.

So never let the worst bog you down because remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining. You need to make the most of this silver lining and move ahead in life looking onwards and upwards.

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