Don’t settle. It’s better to face a little loneliness now than a lifetime of loneliness with the wrong person. – Mandy Hale

Don't settle. It's better to face a little loneliness now than a lifetime of loneliness with the wrong person. - Mandy Hale

At times, we tend to be in a hurry and thus, make quick decisions in choosing people. In the process, we end up choosing the wrong person more often.

It is essential to make sure that you aren’t choosing the wrong people as that will eventually make you feel lonely for the rest of your life. It is okay to bear a little loneliness now than to face a lifetime of it with the wrong person.

Do not be too quick in judging people. You never know who turns out to be how! It is better to face a little loneliness now than having to deal with it in your life.  Often, we settle for the wrong people, and that’s simply not done! It is fine to bear a little loneliness now! 

When you meet a person, don’t hurry in deciding for a settlement early. Make sure that you invest enough time in trying to observe his or her actions, and trying to understand and analyze the kind of person he or she is!


This will eventually give you an idea about whether or not you two will be the right fit for each other. Once you think that things are good to go, you may come upon a decision. However, make sure that you check out everything properly prior to giving a commitment.

Therefore, you should always give yourself enough time and wait till all the situations seem to be favorable for you. Only after you find things are good to go, can you take up a decision without hovering onto anything for just no reason.

At times, you will need to stay calm and decide till you are sure of that person. Only after you have decided to settle, you can go on and live with that particular individual.

This is because, when we look around, we certainly see a lot of failing relationships that continue to degrade over the years. Do not make yourself stand as one of those!


You should decide wisely and check out your compatibility before you actually take up the decision of staying together. It is only when you are sure of the things that you should go-ahead to live together.

Make sure that you are well aware of the ins and outs of a person before taking up the decision for settling with him. This is to assure yourself of a greater future so that you do not have to regret later on!

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